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The following item is a Safe Bicycling Pamphlet, originally published by the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency, it gives a general overview of safe bicycling practices. If you would like a hard copy we would encourage you to stop in at the Hanover Town Offices; copies should be available soon.


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First, we are very happy to announce that the Town of Hanover has been included among The League of American Bicyclists Bicycling Friendly Communities “Honorable Mention” roll. During the process of applying for recognition as a Bicycling Friendly Community our committee learned a great deal about what we have done and what we need to continue to do, and what improve, in order to encourage cycling in our community and to build up our status and some day win Silver or Gold level. By being added to this list we join other large and small communities around the nation who are striving to make their streets safe and fun places to travel whether afoot, on two wheels or four.


To that end we are hosting an open-house on Wednesday May 22 from 5 to 7 pm at the Howe Library’s Mayer room. This open house will be our opportunity to reach out to our fellow citizens in Hanover. We want to share our ideas for how we can improve cycling and pedestrian facilities and just as important; we want to hear your ideas! We hope to see you then.

Summit Poster

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Here for the pancakes!

On Saturday March the 23rd the Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will be riding and walking to an event where we will help support the efforts of The Rotary Club of Hanover! The Rotary club is holding a fundraising Pancake Breakfast at 7:30 am at the firehouse on Lyme rd.

$5 for Adults over the age of 18.
$3 for anyone between the ages of 5 and 18.
Free for anyone under the age of five!

This is to benefit the Haiti Hope Quilt project.

If you would like to participate in this event and are interested in traveling to it through Hanover from a different angle then:

A Walking group will meet at 8 am at the entrance of the parking lot on East Wheelock st next to Smith rd and travel via Verona Ave and Rip rd or, weather and conditions permitting, via the Girl Brook path.

A cycling group will meet at 8 am the South Main and Wheelock st corner of the Dartmouth Greene and travel at a gentle pace along College St and Lyme rd to our breakfast reward!

Come join us and see our community in a new way!

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March 2013 Committee Meeting

Hello Fellow Hanoverites!

Today is our March 2013 committee meeting. As always we will be meeting in the Howe at 4 pm. The last few meetings we’ve not been in our usual room, if you can’t find us stop by the information desk on the 1st floor for directions.

Our Agenda for this meeting is as follows:

1) Approve the minutes from the February 2013 meeting.

2) Report of the Bike League group on the application for Bike Friendly Community designation.

3) Update on Safe Routes to Schools.

4) Discussion of Verona sidewalk and the current status of additional sidewalks in Hanover.  What should our strategy be?  (Start with a report on the outcome of the select board meeting on the budget.)

5) Web site – what should be there, how should we proceed?

6) Parking fund for bike/ped facilities.

7) Demonstration project on Rt. 120 from Sand Hill to the boundary of the Urban Compact area.

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Upper Valley Regional Planning Commission Forum

I received an e-mail today through the mailing list. It is an invitation to area residents to come and hold a conversation about how we think our region should develop. I’m heartened that UVLSRPC wants to connect so closely with area residents and discuss important issues.

From the e-mail:

The issues local leaders face are many, including public health, transportation, economic development, infrastructure, housing, land use, energy, cultural, historic, natural resources and more. Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission is committed to engaging everyone to identify local assets, needs and ways to effectively use limited government resources.  Community conversations are designed and hosted by NH Listens and UNH Cooperative Extension. All perspectives are welcome and we hope you will join us!

The closest event to Hanover is scheduled for February 26, 2013 at 6:00 pm at The Common Man Inn in Claremont.

The registration for this event can be accomplished online or by calling NH Listens.

For anyone who is interested in local bicycling and pedestrian issues this would be an opportune time to show your support for the activities we love and the communities we live in.

See you there!

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Our conversation with Valley News

This week two of our members, Tim Cox and Kelley Dole, had a conversation with the Valley News reporter Jared Pendak. We were able to talk about who we are, where we came from and where we hope to go in our advocacy for Pedestrian and Cycling concerns in Hanover and the Upper Valley.

Who We Are:

The 14-member Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meets monthly at Howe Library, its wheels geared toward making Hanover safe and accessible for those cycling or walking through town.

One of our upcoming programs:

Eventually, the group would like to see a marked, regulation-sized bike path on Route 120 leading to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, a project the committee is calling its “big idea.” One road block for the ambition is that Route 120 south of Greensboro Road is maintained by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, rather than the town of Hanover.

The full article appears in the January 12th issue of The Valley News, and online at Biking a Route to Safety.

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Two articles from about Bicycle Transportation

The first is about a new study from the Washington DC Department of Transportation.

… a 175% increase in peak-hour cycling from 2004-2012 that goes along with a 300% increase in the number of bike lanes in that same time.

– December 18, 2012

The second is an announcement out of Chicago, IL.

Chicago has planned to add 645 more MILES of bike lanes, 30 of those being protected lanes and 70 going down by 2015.

– December 18, 2012

These are both excellent pieces of news for our cycling citizens, and people who hope to be cycling citizens. Let’s all together look at what DC has done and what Chicago is doing and use these as examples of how we can all come together to make our roads safer and more fun to use!

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Let’s hope that our efforts in 2012 and 2013 lowered this number…

677 cyclists and 4,432 pedestrians lost their lives on the roads of these United States in 2011. While these are vastly low numbers compared to the number of vehicular fatalities (32,367), any fatality for any road user is unacceptable. We can do better, we WILL do better. It takes all of us working together, living together, yielding the road when required, being good stewards of our environment and doing our duty as road users to accomplish this. Have a safe holiday season!



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From The Desk Of, the Self Appointed Trails Commissioner

Here’s a very late fall trails and road report!

If you fancy a long and lovely ride along a nice flat bit of ground head out to Lebanon NH and hit the Rail-To-Trail. I would recommend riding a bicycle with fat tires set to a moderate or lower pressure so you don’t get bogged down, and fenders to keep yourself clean. Also, dress warmly, scarves, gloves, hats and don’t forget your lights.

For those of us who like to ride down paved hills very fast, start paying attention to your corners. The Annual Road Sanding has begun, making high speed cornering treacherous at best.

In town the roads are still clear, we haven’t had enough precipitation to cause them to become icy or slushy.

As always stay safe! As the days are short we would recommend you invest in a set of cycling lights to keep you visible. Don’t fancy changing or charging batteries? Look into a generator light setup. These are not the bottle generators and incandescents of yesteryear. Modern hub generators and LED lighting systems are as bright as some of the brighter high-output rechargeables, and you never have to remember your power plug.

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Share the Road

Source Share The Road Apparel


Pictures ARE worth a thousand words, bonus words if there are words in your picture.


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