Plans for Park and Lebanon Sts.

Update June 24:  The plans for Lebanon St. have been updated slightly–the cross section in the updated plans now show bikes and cars properly positioned with the bikes riding on the sharrows and show the proper 3-foot passing distance between bikes and cars.  See also the results of the selectboard review of these plans.

Plans for bike lanes and sharrows on Park St. and Lebnon St. are now available from the link below or the documents page.

Sharrows on Lebanon St.

Plans for Park St. and Lebanon St. (5 MB pdf file)



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3 responses to “Plans for Park and Lebanon Sts.

  1. dick dumez

    As a cyclist regularly using these busy streets, I strongly support the plans for bike lanes and sharrows on Park Street and Lebanon Street. Like many of Hanover’s streets and roads, these are heavily used by cyclists and motorized vehicles; the current traffic pattern is dangerous for cyclists. The aforementioned plans will greatly enhance cyclist safety and the ability of cyclists and drivers to “share the road”.

  2. Stuart Coulter

    I attended the town meeting last night and was impressed with the presentation for making travel on Park and Lebanon Streets safer for everyone. The urging for sharrows on the roads where bike lanes cannot be utilized is an inexpensive way to bring awareness to both cyclists and drivers that both forms of transportation need to coexist on these sections of road and that a bit more awareness and patience of others, from all parties, is prudent. Where bike lanes can be created with minimal additional cost, efforts should be made for these improvements to be passed. I was impressed with the sincere interest exhibited by all the board members to address and resolve the issue, and felt hopeful that a positive decision will be made with regard to the addition of bike lanes and sharrows in the recommended areas.

  3. madisontwofish

    An update on this project; We at the Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee are happy to report that the North Park Street bicycle access project has been completed and was well received by the community.

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