Selectboard approves sharrows, hold on bike lanes

The Hanover selectboard on Monday night (June 22) approved the plans for sharrows on Lebanon St. but wanted to hold off on bike lanes on South Park St., in order to hold a public hearing, and figure out funding of that work.

The plans for Lebanon St. have been updated slightly–the cross section in the updated plans now show bikes and cars properly positioned with the bikes riding on the sharrows and show the proper 3-foot passing distance between bikes and cars.

Here are the presentation slides used by the committee in presenting it to the selectboard.



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3 responses to “Selectboard approves sharrows, hold on bike lanes

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  2. hanoverbikeped

    I attended the presentation and want to express my support for your efforts–well done! I was rather frustrated by the Board’s comment that the bump-outs/narrowing of roads are an attempt to protect pedestrians. Surely there are more effective ways to notify drivers and bikers of an upcoming pedestrian crossing–reflective signage, blinking lights, raised & marked walkways, etc.

    The fact that this narrowing is not used consistently throughtout Hanover makes it vulnerable, I think, to eliminating it which personnaly I would seriously like to consider. Bikers NEED an uninterrupted lane, not one that constantly narrows and widens, disappears into car traffic etc. There is room on South Park at this point for a bike lane if we eliminate the “narrowing”

    Good luck in your efforts–you’re doing great work!

    Marjorie Rogalski
    Climate Protection Campaign

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