From The Desk Of, the Self Appointed Trails Commissioner

Here’s a very late fall trails and road report!

If you fancy a long and lovely ride along a nice flat bit of ground head out to Lebanon NH and hit the Rail-To-Trail. I would recommend riding a bicycle with fat tires set to a moderate or lower pressure so you don’t get bogged down, and fenders to keep yourself clean. Also, dress warmly, scarves, gloves, hats and don’t forget your lights.

For those of us who like to ride down paved hills very fast, start paying attention to your corners. The Annual Road Sanding has begun, making high speed cornering treacherous at best.

In town the roads are still clear, we haven’t had enough precipitation to cause them to become icy or slushy.

As always stay safe! As the days are short we would recommend you invest in a set of cycling lights to keep you visible. Don’t fancy changing or charging batteries? Look into a generator light setup. These are not the bottle generators and incandescents of yesteryear. Modern hub generators and LED lighting systems are as bright as some of the brighter high-output rechargeables, and you never have to remember your power plug.


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