Our conversation with Valley News

This week two of our members, Tim Cox and Kelley Dole, had a conversation with the Valley News reporter Jared Pendak. We were able to talk about who we are, where we came from and where we hope to go in our advocacy for Pedestrian and Cycling concerns in Hanover and the Upper Valley.

Who We Are:

The 14-member Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meets monthly at Howe Library, its wheels geared toward making Hanover safe and accessible for those cycling or walking through town.

One of our upcoming programs:

Eventually, the group would like to see a marked, regulation-sized bike path on Route 120 leading to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, a project the committee is calling its “big idea.” One road block for the ambition is that Route 120 south of Greensboro Road is maintained by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, rather than the town of Hanover.

The full article appears in the January 12th issue of The Valley News, and online at Biking a Route to Safety.


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