The Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is an all volunteer advisory committee to the Hanover, NH Selectboard. We hold meetings the first Thursday of every month at 4 pm in the Rotary Conference room at the Howe Library in downtown Hanover. The public is welcome to visit, observe, comment and present their concerns. We feel that it is very important that our community be served with excellent bicycle and pedestrian facilities, positive relations among all road users and between the public and our public servants.

Please see the curent web page for up-to-date information.


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  1. R. Lohr

    The NH BikeSmart program brought bicycle safety information to thousands of kids at New Hampshire elementary schools for the third consecutive year. There were 48 bike safety presentations given by NH BikeSmart instructors in 26 different schools reaching 2,890 students and 344 adults for a total of 3,234 people in the program this year. The number of attendees at the bike safety sessions in the program’s three years is 12,754 attendees.

    The program received a grant from the Byrne Foundation to implement the standardized bike safety program in New Hampshire elementary schools. The NH BikeSmart safety program instructors talked to kids about wearing and fitting helmets, dressing bright and tight, bicycle safety quick check, and some basic rules of the road.

    Schools in the Upper Valley that were visited by NH BikeSmart include Ray School in Hanover, Plainfield Elementary, and Enfield Village School.

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