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By popular demand…

The following item is a Safe Bicycling Pamphlet, originally published by the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency, it gives a general overview of safe bicycling practices. If you would like a hard copy we would encourage you to stop in at the Hanover Town Offices; copies should be available soon.



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First, we are very happy to announce that the Town of Hanover has been included among The League of American Bicyclists Bicycling Friendly Communities “Honorable Mention” roll. During the process of applying for recognition as a Bicycling Friendly Community our committee learned a great deal about what we have done and what we need to continue to do, and what improve, in order to encourage cycling in our community and to build up our status and some day win Silver or Gold level. By being added to this list we join other large and small communities around the nation who are striving to make their streets safe and fun places to travel whether afoot, on two wheels or four.


To that end we are hosting an open-house on Wednesday May 22 from 5 to 7 pm at the Howe Library’s Mayer room. This open house will be our opportunity to reach out to our fellow citizens in Hanover. We want to share our ideas for how we can improve cycling and pedestrian facilities and just as important; we want to hear your ideas! We hope to see you then.

Summit Poster

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March 2013 Committee Meeting

Hello Fellow Hanoverites!

Today is our March 2013 committee meeting. As always we will be meeting in the Howe at 4 pm. The last few meetings we’ve not been in our usual room, if you can’t find us stop by the information desk on the 1st floor for directions.

Our Agenda for this meeting is as follows:

1) Approve the minutes from the February 2013 meeting.

2) Report of the Bike League group on the application for Bike Friendly Community designation.

3) Update on Safe Routes to Schools.

4) Discussion of Verona sidewalk and the current status of additional sidewalks in Hanover.  What should our strategy be?  (Start with a report on the outcome of the select board meeting on the budget.)

5) Web site – what should be there, how should we proceed?

6) Parking fund for bike/ped facilities.

7) Demonstration project on Rt. 120 from Sand Hill to the boundary of the Urban Compact area.

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Share the Road

Source Share The Road Apparel


Pictures ARE worth a thousand words, bonus words if there are words in your picture.

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Master Plan Document

At the November 5th meeting of the Town of Hanover Board of Selectmen we took an opportunity to express our gratitude to the Board for approving and completing the updates to the North Park Street commuter corridor and to present our official “Master Plan for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure in Hanover“. This Master Plan was received by the the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen as a guiding document and we are very pleased to share it with you!

This document represents much diligent work, discussion and collaboration between the Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and the Town of Hanover Bicycle and Pedestrian Consultant, Carolyn Radisch of Owens, Radisch and White. And we would also like to thank her for the dedicated work she provided our community.

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Sharrow information handout

Here’s a 1-page information sheet on sharrows that we put together. For further education we recommend that readers view Wikipedia‘s page, or this short informational post on the website.

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Dartmouth Transporation Plan

Dartmouth has a 2001 Master Plan Transportion and Parking Report on their web site.  Detailed discussion of pedestrian and motor vehicle issues, but almost no mention of bicyles, even in the extensive discussion of transportation demand management.

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