Let’s hope that our efforts in 2012 and 2013 lowered this number…

677 cyclists and 4,432 pedestrians lost their lives on the roads of these United States in 2011. While these are vastly low numbers compared to the number of vehicular fatalities (32,367), any fatality for any road user is unacceptable. We can do better, we WILL do better. It takes all of us working together, living together, yielding the road when required, being good stewards of our environment and doing our duty as road users to accomplish this. Have a safe holiday season!


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From The Desk Of, the Self Appointed Trails Commissioner

Here’s a very late fall trails and road report!

If you fancy a long and lovely ride along a nice flat bit of ground head out to Lebanon NH and hit the Rail-To-Trail. I would recommend riding a bicycle with fat tires set to a moderate or lower pressure so you don’t get bogged down, and fenders to keep yourself clean. Also, dress warmly, scarves, gloves, hats and don’t forget your lights.

For those of us who like to ride down paved hills very fast, start paying attention to your corners. The Annual Road Sanding has begun, making high speed cornering treacherous at best.

In town the roads are still clear, we haven’t had enough precipitation to cause them to become icy or slushy.

As always stay safe! As the days are short we would recommend you invest in a set of cycling lights to keep you visible. Don’t fancy changing or charging batteries? Look into a generator light setup. These are not the bottle generators and incandescents of yesteryear. Modern hub generators and LED lighting systems are as bright as some of the brighter high-output rechargeables, and you never have to remember your power plug.

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Share the Road

Source Share The Road Apparel


Pictures ARE worth a thousand words, bonus words if there are words in your picture.

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Check out what our colleagues across the river are doing.

A message from a past VBPC president:

The Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition’s mission is to promote bicycling and walking in Vermont, emphasizing access, safety, and education. We hold this vision, that as a result of our work, public attitudes and policies will create an environment across the state that promotes bicycling and walking as safe and valued modes of transportation and recreation.

Our members believe passionately in the value of human power. They walk and bicycle for fun, for health and fitness, for sport, and to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. As a Coalition, we work with the legislature, the Agency of Transportation, and many other agencies and organizations toward common goals. We promote bicycling and walking facilities in our communities and teach bicycle safety to children. We urge motorists and bicyclists to “Share the Road” for the safety of all. In the ideal world we strive to create, those who wish to walk or bicycle may travel safely from anywhere in Vermont to anywhere else on a network of quiet country roads, shared roadways, bike lanes, wide-shouldered roads, sidewalks, or bike paths.

The Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition is a membership organization. The more bicyclists and walkers on our membership roll, the stronger our voice will be in our town halls and in the halls of the statehouse in Montpelier. Collectively, we can make our byways safer for all. I urge all who ride a bicycle or walk—whether to work or to school, to run errands or for fitness, for transportation or just for fun—to lend your voice in support of the Coalition by joining us today.

Richard “Bunky” Bernstein, M.D.
Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition, past President


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Come talk to us on Facebook!

We now have an official Facebook Page! We would be happy to hear from you here or there.

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December Meeting

Late update! The location has changed slightly; we are now meeting in the Mayer Conference room on the same floor of the Howe.

Our regularly scheduled meeting will be at 4 pm on Thursday December 6th in the Howe Library Rotary Conference room. We look forward to seeing you there!

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New Hanover Bike/Ped Website

Thanks go to the diligent staff in the Hanover Town Offices for giving us some basic control over what goes on our hanovernh.org page! There are still some back issues of our committee meeting minutes available on that site as well as some of our proposed policy documents. The rest of our original content will be contained here as we get them.

We haven’t been keeping this blog up to date–sorry about that– but we now have a new website, under the town of Hanover website.  It has minutes from some of the meetings this year, and a draft map based on current work on a bike/ped master plan.

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