Hazard Reports

To report hazardous conditions for bicyclists or pedestrians to the committee, post a comment here, or try the new bikewise Google Maps application.  This won’t work for urgent hazards–for urgent hazards contact the Hanover Public Works Department (contact info), or, if it can’t wait for business hours, the  Hanover Police Department at (603) 643-2222.

We’ll attempt to pass on comments posted here to Public Works on a regular basis–this system is experimental and we can’t guarantee results.


One response to “Hazard Reports

  1. joshua landis

    Below is a copy of a message I sent to the Hanover town manager on 2/3/2011…

    Ms. Griffin –

    It appears to be Hanover town policy *not* to maintain a clear shoulder on the Ledyard Bridge. Now snow and slush from successive storms have accumulated and frozen into an unyielding mass that completely blocks the road shoulder, and in places often spills into the travel lane. This presents a very serious danger to bicycle commuters.

    A person using the bike lanes now formally designated on Route 10A is forced to merge — unexpectedly, and at speed — with car traffic at the start of the bridge, both east and west-bound. Few situations endanger a cyclist more than having to change their “line” at a time and place that motorists do not expect.

    For east-bound travelers there is no option to avoid this predicament; the pedestrian walkway on this side of the bridge is not maintained, and there is no cross-walk for reaching the opposite side of the bridge.

    Also, please note that the danger is greatly magnified because traffic volume is heavy at peak hours, and car traffic routinely exceeds the safe maximum speed at these locations.

    I would ask that you please look into this matter before someone is needlessly injured. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in this matter.


    Joshua Landis

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